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Doodlist-Illustratrix-Paintarian-Maker of Things.

Doodling her way out of melancholy.

Suhana goes by the artist moniker 

p o p o s u s e y s s i.

A R T has always been for her..a way to cope with the turbulences of life.

She struggles with occasional symptoms of spasmodic dysphonia that prevents her from projecting her vocals clearly thus she attempts to make her voices heard in other ways.

She likes making things with her hands when she isn't smothered in existential dread.


She also adores trees, music and ice-cream amongst many other less significant things.

 Suhana also believes her soul is entirely made up of 50% ice-cream water and 50% malaise and that her spirit is an owl.

Suhana Zainal


Based in Singapore

"The Melancholic Doodlist"

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