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"Beading Little Wave" Logo Design

Logo Design for a Beading/Beadwork Instagram Account 

"Beading Little Wave"

This was commissioned by a dear client who wanted a logo design done for her newly launched Instagram account for her handmade beading/beadwork creations, BeadingLittleWave

I sketched a couple of initial ideas and liaised with client on what her preferences are. Client requested for blue tones and hues to be used and for the final design to include presence of waves due to her love for the blue ocean that would fittingly reflect the Instagram handle. Client also shared with me the inspiration behind the account name which is a phrase adapted from a beautiful Burmese poem by Burmese poet Zaw Gyi, that held a lot of meaning for her personally signifying that any act of kindness or any manner of good deed will have some 'little wave' like a

ripple effect.


The poem goes..

I incorporated all of client's requests and preferences and created the font in the logo design (also the name and handle of client's Instagram account) to mimic beads with an added element of a "Van Gogh" inspired starry night sky above the wave detail taking into account client's love for Vincent Van Gogh and her adoration for "The Starry Night" painting by the painter as well.

Original Logo Design digitally drawn

on Procreate.

1x hand-carved stamp of logo.

1x hand-carved stamp of logo with 6 separate components.

Stickers of logo design with both white and black background.

beading meaning.jpg
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