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"'Everyday Vegan Grocer' Mission, Vision and Pledge Poster"

I got invited to work on my first professional client commissioned work engagement recently for Everyday Vegan Grocer. They commissioned for me to come up with a Mission, Vision and Pledge Poster that could visually portray and embody their very admirable long term goal and ambition of having the World's first "Everyday Vegan Village" containing their Mission, Vision and Pledge slogans.

Mission - To create the World's first Everyday Vegan Village.

Vision - A World without Animal exploitation.

Pledge - We pledge 1% of sales to Animal Welfare Nonprofits.

Other than this main commissioned piece, I also came up with 3 other poster designs that were completed and drafted during the early initial stages of the commissioned work process that were also given to Everyday Vegan Grocer to be used as commercial display in their physical brick and mortar store and their online platforms.

Digital Illustrations

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