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Recent Updates!

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

Hi all you sweet folks! Apologies for not being able to post more frequent blog updates here as I've been occupied and extremely invested in making sure everything is up and running smoothly on all my platforms especially with my website and my online shop! That said, recently I made some video updates that I'd posted over on my Instagram account and am finally making time to post them here for those of you who are interested to know of the updates but do not have Instagram accounts..

I highlighted and further elaborated on the things I've been meaning to touch on for quite a while! Do switch up the volume level using your headphones as I was having a bad vocal day (and it does sound as if I was whispering in some parts).

I mentioned a few things in this one so it's an overall pretty lengthy video that I'd split into a few parts with each of them touching on a matter each. Thank you for your patience and this wip!


In this part of the video, I share about the reason and inspiration behind my creative moniker and IG account name, Poposuseyssi.. as I've gotten a few enquiries on it and some curiosity about how it's pronounced etc.


In this part of the video, I speak a little more extensively about the differences between the paper type options that I have up on my online shop.


In this part of the video, I introduce new and recent additions to my online shop and also speak about products that can be expected in the near future that will be added to my online shop!


In this part of the video, I highlighted on the recent change of payment options available on my online shop and the recommended payment options for local (Singaporean) buyers.


And last but not least, in this final part of the video, I touch on something I've been contemplating on taking on and considering for quite some time ➡ Commission Works!

This sums up all of it! So I recorded this video in a single take as I’ve actually been procrastinating on making one because as I've mentioned I’ve been extremely invested in making sure everything is updated and running smoothly on all of the platforms especially on my online shop and website and making a video can be pretty time consuming considering I’d rather be taking the time to work on creating and such but these were things I’d been meaning to speak about a little more elaborately on so I’m glad it’s done! I think it’s pretty obvious by the end I was pretty drained to the point that I was struggling to think of such a simple word, "support" haha but I hope this was informative and useful in some ways~

If you're patient enough to watch it all the way through, thank you so much! Have a lovely and well rested weekend and I'll see you around all you sweet folks! ♥♥♥♥

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