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Hey all you sweet folks!

I am reinstating this long abandoned and forgotten blog space with a rather apt theme to kickstart my blogging journey.

Sharing these scanned images of the cover and back pages of some of the sketchbooks I've been drawing, doodling, sketching, illustrating and journaling in.

Thank you for your presence and for visiting! Ü


Sketchbooks I've used over the years.

I never really developed the habit of buying new books for drawing or doodling and have always preferred using whatever material or paper I had lying around instead and so the earliest sketchbooks I had were mostly given by friends..

I gradually developed the habit of customising the cover and sometimes back pages of these books, at times giving each one a theme to assist me with future drawing/doodling ideas.

I've even once attempted (rather haphazardly) to bind a handmade sketchbook entirely consisting of gathered scrap/leftover papers and fabrics which has become to this day a special occasion option that I rarely draw/doodle or journal in although some of my personal favourite pages can be found in this one.

A couple of other sketchbooks I still have till today came with missing cover pages as they were salvaged from rejected and damaged product piles left or returned by customers that I'd managed to rescue from the time I worked part~time as an administrative assistant in Muji Singapore many years back.

I realised then how comfortable I was with doodling in this particular compact sized notepad that Muji carries in their stationary range thus I've since stuck with these ones a lot.

They're incredibly convenient to carry around and most importantly so favourably affordable and came with many pages which comes in handy for quick doodle ideas so..

they're definitely my go-to option for doodling these days and I would totally recommend these especially if you're wanting to delve into a habit of drawing/doodling more frequently.


Thank you for reading! Ü

I'll be adding more frequent blog entries from now touching on various themes and subjects related to Art and will be sharing more creation process and insights as to how I create and such so do stick around sweet folk! Perhaps next, I'll share some works and pages from these sketchbooks.

I hope you enjoyed reading through this and I look forward to receiving any feedbacks, enquiries and hearing back from you

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