Tote Bags in white with Original printed designs from my doodle and drawing collection.


Fabric Material: Blacu

Dimensions of tote bag: 35cm x 40cm

Length of tote bag handle: 52cm


Only 1 piece quantity in stock available for each design.


This tote bag comes with manufacturing issues and has a couple of minor stains from printing (P/S: last photo) but is 100% in usable condition otherwise, which is why it is going at 50% it's original price. Please purchase this only if you are okay with the imperfections as mentioned. Thank you.


Items are packaged in handmade recycled packaging made from recycled materials.

Made in Singapore by Poposuseyssi.

"Stop Staring at My Hair, Idiots" Tote Bag

S$10.00 Regular Price
S$5.00Sale Price